Arts Beyond the Classroom


Project Overview

Home to more than 6,000 students and almost 900 distinct courses, the Faculty of Arts is where students find their passion and voice. Arts students learn to think critically, read carefully and communicate persuasively. They are sensitive to diversity and offer new perspectives for solving complex problems.

To best prepare students for life after their degree, the Faculty of Arts is increasing opportunities for students to learn in the community, to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and to network with working professionals.

Learning Through Experience

The Faculty of Arts has identified four programs that will help students learn how to apply their classroom-learned skills to workplace environments.

The Arts Entrepreneurship Fund gives Arts students the tools necessary to turn their big ideas into successful businesses. Students work at eHUB, a staffed, physical space where students can access expertise, mentorship and partner networks as they collaborate in developing new companies and social ventures.

Community Service-Learning (CSL) mixes service-learning with existing academic courses. CSL students are matched with one of more than 100 different community organizations to help with various projects. Students contribute in real ways to community organizations and gain valuable experience at the same time.

The Arts International Experience Learning Fund provides students with a broader cultural perspective as they work directly with people from different global backgrounds. Opportunities include faculty-led study opportunities and exchanges with partner schools.

Arts Work Experience helps Arts students gain career related, paid work experience before graduation. Arts students learn how to promote their transferable skills to potential employers and gain career knowledge and networking opportunities.

The Impact of Your Donations

The Faculty of Arts is filled with enthusiastic students who are equipped with the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to take on today's complex problems. Learning opportunities focused on using those skills in real-world environments will help Arts students to transition quickly into the workplace.

How to Help

Your donation will help Arts students to gain valuable experience outside the classroom, helping them to become future community, workplace and global leaders.

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