Convocation Hall

You Set the Stage for Student Success

Convocation Hall is a historic gem but renovations are needed to transform it into a first-rate performance venue. With your generosity, students will become the educators, composers and professional performers who enrich our communities with their talent, creativity and passion.

Revitalize Convocation Hall


You can elevate the student experience by contributing to the renovation of Convocation Hall.


Convocation Hall is the laboratory for music students and is as essential to their success as a chemistry or computer lab is for science studies. It is where students refine their musical skills and learn how to prepare for a big performance, connect with an audience and showcase their talent.


Located in the historic Arts Building, Convocation Hall is a beautiful venue. However, renovations are needed to create a learning, teaching and performance space that matches the university's outstanding music program and the high aspirations of U of A students. Renting other venues in Edmonton is expensive and challenging to book around students' busy schedules.

Like other students, music students need a well-functioning lab on campus: a modernized performance space. With your generosity, students will reach their potential as the next generation of outstanding music educators, composers and performers.

Create a Premier Concert Hall

The U of A has a plan to revitalize Convocation Hall, a vital learning space on campus. The $12-million renovation will change the venue from a community gathering space to a first-rate performance space.

  • Enhanced acoustics will enable musicians to understand the audience experience from the stage, improving their performance.
  • Lowered stage and new tiered theatre seating will strengthen the visual connection between performer and audience.
  • Enhanced backstage, including new dressing rooms, will help students better prepare for their big moment.
  • New mechanical and electrical systems located away from acoustically sensitive areas will reduce noise in the hall and increase comfort for everyone.
  • Better lighting and additional soundproofing will enhance the experience for performers and audience

How to Help

Having a recital hall on campus is essential to the continued success of U of A students and to the strength of the local music community. And your contribution is critical to making the renovation of Convocation Hall a reality. The U of A has allocated $4 million towards the Convocation Hall renovation. Philanthropic support of $8 million is needed to leverage this funding.


Elevate the Student Experience

Music students build connections with other people, cultures and ideas. They learn to act as ambassadors for art created by people from different times and places. They become interpretive guides who introduce and reintroduce art and ideas to ever-evolving modern audiences. With your generosity, students will have the concert hall they need.

To make a difference, contact the Faculty of Arts:

Mary Saretski

Assistant Dean, Advancement (Interim)

(780) 248-1090


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