COVID-19: Emergency Student Support Fund

Keep Their Studies Going

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives and our world upside down. Students at the University of Alberta have been greatly affected by:
  • the abrupt disruption of campus life and living situations
  • loss of part-time and summer work
  • new expenses to set up remote learning
  • additional child-care and family duties
  • costs for unexpected trips home
What should be a time of big dreams for a brighter future has been overshadowed with anxiety and hardship. Students are doing their best to adapt. But they need our help now.

Give Now

The U of A has already stepped forward to provide mental health support and financial assistance. In March and April, the university disbursed more than $104,000 in emergency funding to 63 students impacted by the pandemic. 

Student requests for needs-based support at U of A rose by one-third between 2019 and 2020 (for March and April)

Students will soon need to make a decision about whether to return to, or start, university in the fall. Without financial support, some students may have to drop out. But with your generosity, students can get the help they need. 

Your gift to the Emergency Student Support Fund will provide financial assistance to students who urgently need it. You can help them keep their studies on track.

Government Aid Will Not Cover Every Student's Needs

Students will be granted some relief through the federal Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB). For some students, especially those with families to support, the $1,250 or $2,000 per month from the CESB (as of May 13, 2020) will not be enough to cover their monthly living expenses. Also, that benefit — plus deferred provincial and federal loan repayments also announced — is set to expire by fall 2020. Student loans can also put additional financial strain on students in the long term. Also, international students, who make up more than one-third of U of A students, are not covered by any governmental assistance. 

Total financial need for U of A students directly impacted by COVID-19 estimated at more than $1 million

Help Students Who Need It Most

Circumstances for students are changing rapidly. Your investment will help ensure students who need financial assistance will get it. By removing financial barriers, you will ensure these problem solvers of tomorrow reach their potential today.

Assistance from the Emergency Student Support Fund will be provided to students with satisfactory academic standing enrolled in any year of an undergraduate or graduate degree. They will be selected based on demonstrated financial need due to loss or unforeseeable costs related to health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic.