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Bring Better Nursing Care

Nurses are at the frontline of health care. And UAlberta nursing grads are among the world’s best.

Project Overview

Your gifts are helping create the world’s best nurses — QS World University Rankings recently placed the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Nursing at fourth in the world. But donor investment does more than turn great students into great nurses. The health of whole communities improves with better nursing care. The Faculty of Nursing creates top professionals and scholars who know how to promote and safeguard the health of our communities.

Nursing Care Builds Health

Providing better patient care is what inspires nurses like Rebecca Ellis to do more. Three years ago, the registered nurse was already working in frontline cardiac care. “I wanted to do more for my patients, and to me that meant becoming more involved in managing their care,” says Ellis, ’07 BScN, ’15 MN. So she enrolled in a UAlberta master of nursing degree, working toward a licence as a nurse practitioner.

Ellis is recounting that decision from a sunny atrium in Edmonton’s Cross Cancer Institute, where she’s on a break from her duties managing care among gastro-intestinal cancer patients as a newly-convocated MN. And she’s shaking her head at some of the assumptions she held at the outset of her advanced degree.

“It was hard to focus on big, academic projects, then turn it off and go be a nurse for 12 hours,” she says. So she cut down her nursing work hours. Fortunately, she found some help from scholarships such as the Elaine Antoniuk Graduate Nursing Scholarship. This and other awards and bursaries kept her research going and opened new opportunities, such as participating in conferences and seminars. Philanthropy also meant Ellis could give back while still in school, becoming a peer mentor to students in her program and serving on several voluntary boards.

“If I could tell donors anything, it would be that philanthropy is so important to students,” Ellis says. “It’s also vote of confidence.”

The Impact of Your Donation

Nurses like Rebecca Ellis make a difference. Registered nurses are the largest group of health professionals in Canada. Nurses work in prevention and community-based management of chronic care patients, increasing their quality of life and decreasing the strain on health care budgets. With the right training, nurses offer a capacity to transform our health care system. You can make it happen.

How to Help

Invest in nursing students who will care for our families and communities now and in the future. This is how you can help:

  • Create better care for seniors with the Endowed Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life
  • Enhance and safeguard students’ education with the Dean’s Fund
  • Offer expanded education with the PhD Student fund, educating nurses wherever they live
  • Boost research, providing scholarships, awards or bursaries for undergraduate and graduate nursing students

Care for Our Families and Communities

An investment in nursing education is an investment in the care of our families and communities. The opportunities are many.


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