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Rachelle Dunn,

Rachelle Dunn, '10 BSc, '12 BFA

Immediate Impact

One of the easiest ways to make your gift is with cash, credit card or cheque. Donations can be made by mail, by phone or online.

Your gift can address immediate needs: the student who can't afford tuition; the research project that needs a boost to get off the ground; the community outreach that puts classroom ideas into practice.

Act the Part

The curtain falls. The lights dim. The audience erupts into applause. Sitting in a dark room, hands over a dizzying array of switches and knobs, Rachelle Dunn, '10 BSc, '12 BFA, smiles - a mix of satisfaction and relief. As a theatre technician, it's her job to make actors and sets look good. She knows the applause is just as much for her as for those on the stage.

"We joke sometimes behind the scenes that if there's no mention of our department in the review, then we did a good job," she says. Dunn loves the collaborative culture in theatre but has stayed out of the spotlight. However, she has stepped forward to support theatre students.

After receiving some money from a family member, she decided to use it to help students in the University of Alberta's Technical Theatre Production program, which she attended.

"Our community is all about supporting each other," she says. Her gift was used to buy technical manuals on hanging lights and set construction - highly specialized information you can't find on YouTube or Wikipedia.

"It's really awesome to give back to a program or an area in your life that's had a big impact on where you are now."


Donate with cash, credit card or cheque
Tax credit of up to 54%
Immediate impact - Gift spent same year

How it works

An alumnus gives $4,000 towards a specific cause or project.

  1. The donor receives a $4,000 charitable tax receipt.
  2. The donor receives a $2,000 tax credit.*

* Tax credit depends on donor's income and specific circumstances

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