Crowdfunding Model

You have the idea, but now you need the funding to make it happen.

If you have a funding need, a team eager to fundraise, and a story you’re excited to share, we’d love to support you by providing the comprehensive tools and knowledge to help effectively implement a crowdfunding campaign.

What is crowdfunding? An exciting new way to engage donors in your social networks who can help fund your projects and raise awareness of the causes you support.

The best part? Not only will we set you up with the technology to build your page and a training program customized to your team’s needs, but it’s all completely free of charge for the teams crowdfunding with UAlberta. All the money you raise, you keep!

First, our partners at USEED will schedule a short, virtual interview with you. USEED provides the training, technology, and support to get you and your team up and running, and they also work to ensure crowdfunding projects comply with university policies.

Once accepted into the program, we will set up your team with your own crowdfunding campaign page to customize, helpful training materials, fundraising tools, and opportunities to meet with a Crowdfunding Advisor who can offer even more support and ideas to optimize your fundraising strategies.

Have any additional questions? Contact USEED@UAlberta Director Michael Siebert at or call 780-248-5777.