Land Endowment

Land Endowment

You value your land and want to see it in trusted hands. A land endowment makes it possible for you to gift your land to the University of Alberta.

A land endowment is a donation agreement specifying that in exchange for an irrevocable donation of land, the university will manage the land as provided for in the donation agreement, for a specified term for the benefit of the university, its researchers and/or its students.

Here are the steps

  1. You decide in consultation with financial or tax professionals to donate your land to the university.
  2. The university completes a due diligence assessment.
  3. You and the university create a donation agreement stipulating term, land use, and funding directives for the endowment.
  4. A legal transfer of property takes place and you are issued a charitable gift receipt.


How does a donation of land improve research and the student experience?

Once a land endowment donation is made, income generated from leasing the land will be distributed to university funds, research funds or student bursaries as directed by the donation agreement.

How does the university pay for the costs of managing land?

The university will only accept land that can generate an income. A portion of the income generated will be used to support the costs associated with holding land. Alternately, parcels of the donated land can be sold as per the donation agreement in support of these costs.

How long can terms be?

The university is committed to holding land for up to 50 years, depending on your wishes and the viability of prolonged leasing. Terms are to be negotiated before the donation is finalized.

What if leasing rates fall?

The university will ensure the land is properly managed for the term of the donation agreement. Once that term is up, the university has the option to sell the land in order to fulfill the donation agreement or continue to hold the land.

What are the tax benefits?

You receive a charitable receipt for the fair-market value of the land at the time you make a donation, which results in a tax credit that you can apply against income tax and capital gains.

A Land Endowment could be right for you if you answer "yes" to three or more of the following questions:

  • I am no longer willing or able to manage my land.
  • I would like to see my land in trusted hands.
  • I would like to see my land continue to be productive.
  • I would like to reduce the amount of income tax I pay.
  • If I were able, I would like to provide some form of legacy gift to the University of Alberta.