Memorial and Tribute Gifts

A memorial gift is a thoughtful way to remember a loved one and ensure their legacy lives on, and a tribute gift is a unique way to celebrate a milestone or honour someone close to you.

When a friend, family member, teacher or colleague passes away, we want memories of them to live on. Remember the imprints they leave in your life with a memorial gift in their honour to any cherished area at the university.

Your gift can support students, research or another project that is meaningful to you. Tribute gifts can honour someone dear to you or mark special occasions at any stage of life: graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or retirement.

Memorial and tribute gifts can be made online through the secure link below, by cheque (indicating the name of the person in memoriam or in honour), by phone at 780-492-4260, or by email at

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Remembering Evan

Vanlee Robblee, '01 BDes, holds a picture of her late brother, Evan Tran

Vanlee Robblee, '01 BDes, holds a picture of her late brother, Evan Tran 

When Evan Tran, a 21-year-old UAlberta science student, died by suicide in October 2015, his family shared his story. They opened a conversation about mental illness to encourage people suffering from it to reach out to loved ones - and vice versa - before it's too late.

"If there was a possibility that something good could come of this tragedy, we wanted to take it," says Tran's sister, Vanlee Robblee, '01 BDes.

The Tran family also asked that mourners donate to UAlberta's Student Mental Health Fund in Evan's memory. The family led by example and made a substantial memorial gift. Evan was connected to a wide network of people through campus volunteerism, acting, snowboarding and video games. His friends held a fundraiser and donations made in his name gave a significant boost to the Student Mental Health Fund.

Honouring Evan's memory by supporting the Student Mental Health Fund comforts Robblee, her sister Angela Tran and their parents Lulu and Lam Tran. Their hope is that, in addition to raising awareness, gifts in Evan's name will help identify students in need of support, and maybe prevent another tragedy.

Ensure a Fitting and Lasting Legacy 

Alumni and friends of the university may choose to establish a memorial or tribute fund to create a lasting legacy. Annual funds can support named student awards or a specific program over a number of years. Endowed funds are created in perpetuity and leaves a long-term impact in your chosen area of interest. By bringing people together to honour a friend or a loved one, they can make donations to the fund and will receive a charitable tax receipt for their generosity.

Considering something in perpetuity? Here is how it works.

For example: Friends and family collectively raise $50,000 to endow a scholarship in memory of a classmate:

  1. Each donor receives a charitable tax receipt for the full gift amount.
  2. Names and addresses of donors (but not gift amounts) are sent to the family or honouree so they can express thanks.
  3. Additional donations can be made to the scholarship endowment at any time.
  4. A scholarship in the honouree's name will be awarded annually, in perpetuity.

Gifts in Lieu and Acknowledgements 

In lieu of gifts or flowers, you may wish for others to support the University of Alberta to remember a loved one or celebrate a milestone. We would be honoured to help you by providing an online giving option, personalized donation forms, or suggested wording for your announcement. 

When a memorial or tribute gifts are made, the university will notify the next of kin or honouree by sending them an acknowledgment letter with a list of donor names and addresses. Please note that we will only share donor information if consent was provided and donation amounts will not be revealed.

Give to the U of A

For more information or to arrange a memorial or tribute gift, please phone 780-492-4260 or email