Staff Giving

Gifts from our campus community make a real impact!

Over the years, the faculty and staff of our university have donated overwhelmingly toward research, athletics, scholarships, bursaries, libraries and the overall student experience. Many of these gifts are given monthly through payroll deduction. This kind of support not only allows us to provide for our students in ways that we could not achieve otherwise, but it also sets the pace for success for all UAlberta fundraising initiatives.

Faculty and staff giving sets an important example for our internal and external communities by demonstrating that we believe in the mission of our university, the importance of higher education and the student experience. In doing so, this encourages increased support from businesses, alumni and friends of UAlberta.

With the generosity of our faculty and staff leading the way, we are able to improve student access to our programs, implement much needed enhancements to our equipment and facilities, achieve groundbreaking discoveries and provide thousands of students the chance to pursue their dreams.