Vision & Mission


To be a leader in sport, exercise, and musculoskeletal care through innovation in the three pillars of clinical care, research, and education.


To promote and deliver comprehensive patient-centred sport, exercise, and musculoskeletal care, delivered through an integrated interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes evidence based clinical practice, the incorporation of education, research, and community engagement, and the promotion of lifelong health though prevention, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Provide innovative, inter-disciplinary, client-centred clinical care for sports medicine and musculoskeletal disorders, including sports medicine and exercise, orthopedic care, sports therapy, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.
  2. Provide education for undergraduate and graduate students, residents, fellows and specialists from the Faculties of Medicine & Dentistry, Physical Education and Recreation, and Rehabilitation Medicine.
  3. Provide research facilities and access to patients for ambulatory musculoskeletal outcomes-based research.