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Enhanced Skills Training in Primary Care Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM)

Enhanced Skills Training in Primary Care Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM)

The Department of Family Medicine offers Enhanced Skills training (at a PGY 3 level) in primary care Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM). The clinic has the ability to accommodate one to two Enhanced Skills Residents each year. This is a funded, one-year program, through the Department of Family Medicine, beginning in July of each year. If the resident chooses, the program  may be extended to accommodate completion of a Master’s Degree Program at the University of Alberta (This option will require advance consultation with the Program Director for SEM, as there are a number of available options).

The Enhanced Skills resident will gain extensive clinical experience through one-on-one teaching with the primary care sport and exercise medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons  and a variety of allied health professionals, including physical therapists, orthotists and athletic therapists. The Enhanced Skills resident may be given the opportunity to view the surgical pathology of the clinical problems seen during their fellowship year and they work with sport and exercise medicine certified emergency physicians at a Cast Clinic. The Enhanced Skills resident is also given a graded responsibility for the care of the University of Alberta varsity team athletes and takes an active role as a team physician for the Golden Bears Hockey Team and/or The Golden Bears Football Team. There is also the opportunity to participate in multiple local, national  and international level sporting events in and around Edmonton.

The Enhanced Skills program places emphasis on the development of sound clinical judgement and treatment skills for the primary care sport and exercise medicine physician. Research and scholarship are considered an important part of this education and the enhanced skills resident  is expected to conduct a research or other academic or scholarly project during the year. 

In the spring of their program year, the resident is eligible to sit the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine examination.  Success in this exam leads to the Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine credential – Dip Sport Med, which is an obligatory requirement for the application of medical staff to work major games. Upon satisfactory achievement of the required competencies for SEM, as listed in the Red Book of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), residents who have already completed their Family Medicine program and obtained their CCFP will be awarded a Certificate of Added Competency (CAC), and can then list CCFP(SEM) as their credentials.

For more information on the sport and exercise medicine fellowship program at the Glen Sather Clinic, please contact Dr. Connie Lebrun at or Dr. Kristin Anstey at

To apply for the Enhanced Skills SEM training program, please complete the Fellowship Application Form - Primary Care Sport and Exercise Medicine and submit by e-mail or by mail to Dr. Kristin Anstey at:
Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic
University of Alberta
Edmonton Clinic, Level 2
11400 University Avenue
Edmonton, AB   T6G 1Z1

Family medicine residents and practicing physicians applying for the Sport and Exercise Medicine Enhanced Skills Training will also need to complete the Family Medicine - Enhanced Skills Program Application Form.

Please note the following general application timelines: (specific dates will be posted on the Family Medicine Enhanced Skills website)

Application Opens: August 26, 2019
Application Deadline: October 4, 2019
Interviews: October 5 to December 5, 2019
Offer Date: December 6, 2019
Acceptance Date: December 12, 2019
Start Date: July 1, 2020
End Date: June 30, 2021