Placement & Fellowship Opportunities

Description of Fellowship Duties

Primary Care Sport and Exercise Medicine Fellow

The following list represents the areas that form a part of the experience of the fellow during their year at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic:
  • Assists in the medical care of professional, University and community teams, including game coverage.
  • Educational opportunity from 1-on-1 teaching with the primary care, and orthopedic sport medicine physicians and surgeons
  • Serves as the primary physician for the University of Alberta (U of A) football and hockey teams.
  • Participates in conducting the pre-season medical examinations for U of A varsity athletes.
  • Assists the Orthopedic Surgeons in the surgical cases to learn operative procedures and the follow up care that is indicated (this is applicable particularly in those situations where the fellow has initially seen the patient and diagnosed the condition)
  • Work with the physical therapists in the clinic to become familiar with modalities, exercise prescription and sophisticated exercise testing.
  • Review and present a paper on an area of sport and exercise medicine, or undertake a research study of his/her own.
  • Attends lectures and rounds where applicable within the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic, Alberta Health Services, and medical school, and applicable residency programs such as Family Medicine and orthopedics
  • Arrange time with exercise physiologists, nutritionists and sport psychologists according to the specific interest of the Fellow.
  • Possible teaching duties with the undergraduate medical, rehabilitation medicine and physical education and recreation students.

These duties will be discussed at the beginning of the fellowship and arranged in such a way that the best educational experience is achieved. The fellow will not be overloaded with duties. The balance of practical experience, literature review, research and observation time will be carefully organized to complement the fellow's past experience and career goals. 

It is hoped that Canadian graduates will be supplied with sufficient experience and tutoring that they will be able to approach the competency examination of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine with confidence at the conclusion of the fellowship. The 12 month fellowship may be extended to two years with the opportunity for the fellow to enroll in graduate studies and use the time to work towards a higher academic degree.