Heather Bredy

What is your role at the GSSMC?

Over the years, I have held many roles at the Glen Sather Clinic. Currently I work a small amount in the evenings as a physical therapist and am Education director - Rehabilitation Services. In addition to this, I am a member of the multidisciplinary shoulder team.

Do you hold any positions outside the clinic?

I am a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. My main area of teaching is in the musculoskeletal stream of the program, as well as teaching a practical sports therapy course. I am also involved with Corbett Hall Student Physical Therapy clinic, where I supervised student lead treatment on real patients

What is your main area of practice? 

I do enjoying treating all types of MSK and sports injuries but have a special interest in shoulder injuries. 

What did you study and where?

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, with distinction, from the University of Alberta in 1998. I returned to the University of Western Ontario where I completed a Masters of Clinical Science in Manipulative Physical Therapy in 2008, allowing me to become a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapists.  I completed a Certificate in Medical Acupuncture from the University of Alberta in 2006, and completed my Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy in 2003.  In addition I have taken many other continuing professional developments courses and including soft tissue release, treatment of the overhead athlete, Mackenzie (MDT) therapy, taping courses among other. 

Do you have any specific research interests & publications?

I was recently involved with in a pilot project that looked into the effects of platelet rich plasma injections on chronic rotator cuff tendonopathy.  I have been involved in a validation study of an outcome measure for shoulder pain that was published this in 2014. I hope to continue my research in the treatment of shoulder conditions and care pathways. 

Do you work specific days/hours?

I teach physical therapy during the day so am only on the clinic for patients Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Are you affiliated with any teams?

I am currently not working with any teams although I have had previous involvement with a number of University of Alberta teams when I was involved more closely with the Athletics program. I provided physical therapy care for all varsity athletes as well as worked on field with Golden Bears Football, basketball, volleyball as well as some time with the Canadian Men's Junior National Volleyball team.