Strategic Vision, Mission & Goals


The Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic's research vision is to be a centre of excellence in sport and exercise-based musculoskeletal and sport medicine care through innovative, clinically-based interdisciplinary research.


Our mission is to directly impact the quality of life of Albertans by informing best practice and policy in clinical and public health contexts through building interdisciplinary research capacity in clinical-based musculoskeletal and sport medicine research, including the priority areas of knowledge translation and clinician scientist and trainee development.

Research Goals

To become the leader in clinically based, interdisciplinary, MSK and sports medicine outcomes-based research in Western Canada and to compete nationally in areas of strength in sport and exercise based MSK and sports medicine care through achieving the following goals:
  1. To inform practice and policy in MSK and sports medicine care through achieving research excellence in clinically relevant, innovative, translational and patient/family-centered research programs that integrate research and clinical/public health contexts to inform practice and policy in these fields.
  2. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in key priority areas of strength, and emerging strength, across clinic disciplines, faculties as well as research, academic and healthcare institutes (provincially / nationally) with leadership from the GSSMC and the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, Physical Education and Recreation and Rehabilitation Medicine (University of Alberta).
  3. Create a strong clinically based research environment that fosters the development of a leading research training (clinician scientist and academic) program in sport and exercise based MSK and sports medicine care that will contribute to a strong legacy of researchers nationally in these fields. 
  4. Build on opportunities for integrated knowledge translation (iKT), including strong community partnerships to maximize the impact of evidence-informed practice and policy in MSK and sport medicine care.