Prevention and Return to Activity Centre

Functional Agility and Strength Training (FAST) Knee Program

The Functional Agility and Strength Training (FAST) Knee Program was created for individuals who previously had knee surgery or a knee injury. This program is broken down into 4 levels. Individuals are assessed by their Glen Sather Clinic physiotherapist (physical therapist) or physician to determine what level is best suited for their needs.

To register for the FAST Knee Program, please see your Glen Sather clinic physiotherapist or physician for a referral.

Current Classes

FAST Levels 1 & 2
Focus on building the foundation of strength and flexibility to being active. These classes will target muscles around the knee but also will improve core, hip, and ankle strength and mobility.

FAST 2.5

This is a continuation of FAST 2 and for repeats of FAST 2 only. Typically most patients will complete FAST 2 for several months before meeting the criteria for FAST 3. Repeat classes will integrate some early footwork, agility, and running movement patterns to prep for FAST 3.


This level will help transition patients to high impact activities such as jumping or running while maintaining adequate strength for return to activity or sport. It will begin to reintroduce and identify proper movement mechanics to help precent a reinjury.


This level will focus on introducing high risk movement patterns such as cutting, changing direction, or single leg jumping. It will also integrate reaction time and some sport specific training depending on the class level. Completion of FAST 3 is required to enter this class.

All classes are designed to be taken concurrently with your physiotherapist, and ARE NOT replacements to seeing a physiotherapist. In order for optimal rehabilitation, consistent follow up with your physiotherapist is needed. The program allows you to space out your follow up treatments and prevent frequent follow up (i.e. follow ups every 1-2 months vs. every 1-2 weeks)