Co-Curricular Activity Points

Co-curricular activity points are awarded by CIL staff to students who:

  • Attend or organize globally-focused events on-campus
  • Serve as an executive member of an internationally-oriented, Students’ Union-registered student group
  • Volunteer for select programs with UAlberta International (UAI)

How much is each activity worth?

It varies. Attending an event of 1 to 2 hours is usually worth 1 point. A multi-day conference could be worth 3. The point value is listed alongside each event in our CIL event calendar.

One academic year of executive service with an internationally-oriented student group is worth 5 points. You may claim up to two years of executive service.

Volunteer posts with UAlberta International are worth up to 5 points each (except for the Senior Peer Program, which is worth 5 points per term). Each volunteer post may only be claimed once.

How do I accumulate co-curricular points?

Once you complete any of the above (i.e. attend an event, complete an executive term or finish a UAI volunteer post), you need to complete a co-curricular activity form and attach it to a claim in the CIL database. Once your claim is approved, your co-curricular points will automatically tally in your CIL profile. For more information about making claims or to access a co-curricular activity form, please visit our Resources page.

I know about an event that I think should qualify for co-curricular points. Can I submit it for consideration?

Yes! Once you’ve enrolled in the program, you can submit events for our consideration through the CIL database. For more information on submitting events, visit our Resources page.

I want to volunteer with UAlberta International. What volunteer programs qualify for points?

Senior Peer
(5 points for one term of service that includes 1 group activity and 3 meetings with peers; 10 points for two terms of service)

Welcome Ambassadors (International Student Campus Check-in)
(5 points for attending training, and volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours as a Welcome Ambassador)

Education Abroad Squad: International (EASI) Ambassador
(5 points for attending orientation training, and volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours)

I’ve been on the executive of an internationally-oriented student group for 3 years. Can all my co-curricular points come from that?

Yes, you may claim 2 years of executive service (5 points for each academic year). 

I’ve volunteered with UAlberta International’s Peer Program for 2 years, can all my co-curricular points come from that?

Yes, you can earn 10 points by volunteering with UAlberta International’s Peer Program for two terms.