The Sustainable Development Goals: For a Better World

I-Week 2020 focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With only a decade remaining to achieve these incredibly important Goals, I-Week highlighted the work of campus and community scholars, researchers and activists as they relate to all 17 SDGs. 

International Week 2020


The Sustainable Development Goals: For a Better World

I-Week 2019 focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are 17 ambitious goals that aim to "eliminate extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change" by 2030. Cited from UN Sustainable Development Goals

International Week 2019


How the arts can contribute to social and environmental justice

International Week 2018 focused on how the arts can contribute to social and environmental justice. I-Week sessions explored many challenging global issues and the various forms of art used to encourage reflection, dialogue, and action.

International Week 2018




International Week 2017 was all about transition. How do we move from our current way of living and thinking to a more sustainable and compassionate way of being? Business as usual is not an option and there are many more global citizens awakening to the need for change and the desire to be a part of that change.

International Week 2017


For a Better World

For a Better World 

Programming for International Week 2016 focused on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 17 ambitious goals that aim to “eliminate extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change” by 2030.

International Week 2016


For a Better World

International Week 2015 explored a better world where we can resolve conflict peacefully and constructively.

International Week 2015


Creating Solutions for a Healthier World

International Week 2014 showcased the efforts of people who are finding solutions to the global issues that confront us daily – climate change and environmental devastation, conflict and terrorism, economic crises, poverty and disease.

International Week 2014


Conscious Culture: Finding Paths to a Better World

The theme for International Week 2013—Conscious Culture: Finding Paths to a Better World—was chosen in light of our increasingly intertwining world.

International Week 2013


Living Democracy: Citizen Power in a Global Age

The rise of street politics in Northern Africa and the Middle East shocked the mainstream media and most of the world in 2011. The access to active participation of citizens in governance systems was a driving force of a movement that is currently manifesting all over the world in different forms, spreading to North America with the Occupy Wall Street Movement

International Week 2012


World on the Move: Unpacking Migration

The 2011 theme examined the global challenges that cause the migration of communities - from human rights struggles and climate change to economic uncertainty and poverty. It was also an opportunity to investigate social, political and environmental challenges that result from migration.

International Week 2011


To Boldly Go: Charting Our Common Future

This year marked the University’s 25th International Week, built around the theme To Boldly Go: Charting Our Common Future. 2010’s program put special emphasis on International Week’s tradition of cooperation with faculty members, student and community groups, government departments and non-governmental organizations. Not only does this approach permit a deeper and more holistic understanding of complex issues, it enables people with common interests to exchange ideas and lay foundations to work together collaboratively.

International Week 2010


Hungry For Change: Transcending Feast, Famine and Frenzy

This year’s theme, chosen in light of converging environmental and food crises, was Hungry for Change: Transcending Feast, Famine and Frenzy. Over 60 events, ranging from hip hop and direct action workshops to expert panels, addressed issues surrounding the food crisis and other imminent dangers facing our global community.

International Week 2009


Addressing Global Challenges: 100 Years and Beyond

International Week 2008, a signature centenary event and centenary award project, featured a number of centenary award projects that received funding from the Centenary Planning Committee through a university-wide competition.

International Week 2008