Nomination of Chancellor Joint Committee

Chancellor Stollery's four-year term will end in June 2020. The Executive Committee of the Senate has asked that a 2019-2020 Nomination of Chancellor Joint Committee be established in accordance with the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta  - PSLA sections 7(1) to 7(3). The Senate will elect the Chancellor at a plenary meeting in early May 2020.

The 2019 Joint Committee membership composition, calls for "three (3) members" to be elected FROM and BY General Faculties Council. 


  1. Nominee must be a current "statutory faculty member of General Faculties Council" (PSLA Section (24) - Elected Members of the GFC).
  2. Nominee must hold a GFC Term of office running concurrent to the Joint Committee Proposed Timeline (late March 2019 through April 2020).

APPLY BY:  Nominations are being accepted until 12:00 p.m. (Noon) on Friday, February 8, 2019.

    2019-2020 Nomination of Chancellor Joint Committee

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  1. A nominee must agree to stand for election in the event multiple nominations are received.
  2. The on-line nomination form may be completed and submitted by either the nominee (self-nomination) or a nominator. 
  3. The nomination form requires a brief statement of interest (approx 150 words) outlining the nominee's interest to actively serve on the committee and a biographical sketch (approx 150 words). Nominee’s name, faculty, statement of interest and academic bio will be placed on the GFC voting ballot for election purposes.
  4. The nomination form must be received prior to the nomination deadline.
  5. The electorate consists of the statutory faculty representatives who sit on GFC on a “representation by population” basis and the appointed academic staff representatives.


Joint Committee Support and Procedures:

Please (Office of the Chancellor and Senate)
Telephone:  780-492-0449

GFC Nominations and Elections:

Please contact (University Governance)
Telephone: 780-492-1938

GFC Secretary/Manager GFC Services:

Please contact Governance)
Telephone: 780-492-4733z