How do I participate in University Governance at the University of Alberta?


Participation in Academic and Judiciary Governance

Standing Committees of General Faculties Council (GFC) and university-level Appeal Bodies have approved Terms of References which may include undergraduate/graduate students and academic/non-academic staff within their committee membership compositions to ensure a balanced and diverse representation.

Description of Membership Roles

GFC Standing Committees, university-level Appeal Bodies, and other Committees to which GFC elects:

Each committee page (linked below) includes strategic documents and operational details: committee mandate, delegation of authority, membership listing, meeting times, and meeting materials (agenda, minutes, approved motions, etc.). For a full listing of all university governance representation, view University Governance's "Member Zone". 

Interested? Learn More about a specific committee (see below):

Academic Governance

  • GFC Academic Planning Committee (APC)
  • GFC Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
  • GFC Committee on the Learning Environment (CLE)
  • GFC Executive Committee (EXEC)
  • GFC Facilities Development Committee (FDC)
  • GFC Nominating Committee (NC)
  • GFC Student Conduct Policy Committee (SCPC)
  • GFC Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship Committee (UASC)
  • GFC University Teaching Awards (UTAC)
  • Council on Student Affairs (COSA)

Judiciary Governance: GFC Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) and University Appeals Board (UAB)

More details: Ann Hodgson, GFC Nominating Committee Coordinator (or by Tel: 780-492-1938)