How do I participate in University Governance at the University of Alberta?

Anticipated 2018 - 2019 Vacancies

GFC Members needed to fill positions starting July 1, 2018 on the:

  • 2018-19 GFC Executive Committee (EXEC)

  • 2018-19 GFC Nominating Committee (NC)


  • Student Terms of Office run annually: May 1 through April 30
  • Staff Terms of Office normally run three years in duration: July 1 through June 30

View: Appendix A: Definition and Categories of Academic Staff and Colleagues (under Recruitment Policy/UAPPOL)


Regularly updated Membership Listings are published on-line, and in accordance to associated Terms of References for GFC and all GFC Standing Committees, Appeal Bodies and Other Committees to which GFC elects.

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Academic Governance
 GFC Standing Committees  Vacant Seat(s)  Membership Role/Primary Criteria
GFC Executive Committee 
4 Academic Staff (A1.1, A1.6/A1.5, A1.7), GFC Member *
GFC Executive Committee Undergraduate Student, GFC Member
GFC Nominating Committee  4  Academic Staff (A1.1, A1.6/A1.5, A1.7), GFC Member ** 
GFC Nominating Committee
1 Dean, GFC Member
GFC Nominating Committee  1  Support Staff (S1.0/S2.0), GFC Member
GFC Nominating Committee
1 Undergraduate Student, GFC Member 
GFC Nominating Committee  1 Graduate Student, GFC Member 
   * there shall be no more than one representative from any Faculty except that both the Faculty of Arts and the
 Faculty of Science may have two representatives providing they are from different Departments (EXEC TofR)
  ** may include up to 2 recent former GFC members (NC TofR)