How do I participate in University Governance at the University of Alberta?

Current Vacancies

Current Seats still available on 2017-2018 GFC Committees. A new term of office would commence immediately upon membership approval by GFC, normally for a 3 year term of office.

Calling Students and Staff to membership positions on

"GFC Standing Committees, University Appeal Boards and Other Committees to which GFC elects"


  • Student Terms of Office run annually: May 1 through April 30
  • Staff Terms of Office normally run three years in duration: July 1 through June 30

View: Appendix A: Definition and Categories of Academic Staff and Colleagues (under Recruitment Policy/UAPPOL)


Regularly updated Membership Listings are published on-line, and in accordance to associated Terms of References for GFC and all GFC Standing Committees, Appeal Bodies and Other Committees to which GFC elects. Please refer to a committee's membership listing for any upcoming student/staff vacancies, or for any position with an existing vacancy to be filled. If you have any questions, please contact the GFC NC Coordinator.

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Academic Governance
 GFC Standing Committees  Vacant Seat(s)  Membership Role/Primary Criteria  Available
 Facilities Development Committee (FDC)
 1  Support Staff (S1.0/S2.0)  Currently
 Student Conduct Policy Committee (SCPC)  1  Academic Staff (A1.1, A1.5/A1.6, A1.7) Member of GFC  Currently
 Student Conduct Policy Committee (SCPC)  1  Academic Staff (A1.1, A1.5/A1.6, A1.7) who is a former Associate Dean, or former Discipline Officer, or former UAB Chair  Currently
 Student Conduct Policy Committee (SCPC)
 1  Staff Member (A1.0, A2.0/S1.0, S2.0)  Currently

 Judiciary Governance
 What is a "judiciary governance panel"?
 University Appeal Bodies  Vacant Seat(s)  Membership Role/Primary Criteria  Available
 Academic Appeals Committee (AAC)  1  Panel of Chairs, Academic Staff (on post-retirement contracts/Categories A1.1, A1.5/A1.6)  Currently
 University Appeal Board (UAB)  0  Elected panel positions are currently filled.  

 Other University Committees to Which GFC Elects Representatives
 Committees Vacant Seat(s)  Membership Role/Primary Criteria   Available
 Department Chair Selection Committees  4  Academic staff (Categories A1.1, A1.6 or A1.5, A1.7)
- Rotational panel consisting of 15 faculty members
- Members called upon 1-2 times annually to serve as external member on Chair selection committees