How do I participate in University Governance at the University of Alberta?

Membership Application Form Menu

The GFC Nominating Committee (NC) invites all interested students and staff to complete an online application form and submit for consideration. In putting forward its recommendations, the (NC) will ensure the best possible match between prospective members and the committees to which they are nominated, and ensure the broadest possible base of representation and diversity.

To Apply:  Please select an applicable GFC Committee Membership Application from the menu below

For those interested in both judiciary and academic governance membership, you may wish to complete two form types (Judiciary Panel, GFC Standing Committee).

Judiciary Governance: (university-level Appeal Bodies)

Academic Staff representative to a Judiciary Panel

Student representative (Undergraduate and Graduate) to a Judiciary Panel

Academic Governance: (GFC Standing Committee/Other Committees to which GFC elects)

Staff representative (Academic and Support Staff) to a GFC Committee

Student representative (Undergraduate and Graduate) to a GFC Committee