How Do I Participate in Governance? Join a Committee or an Appeal Body!

Standing Committees of General Faculties Council (GFC), university-level Appeal Bodies, and other university-wide committees to which GFC elects have approved Terms of References that may include University Students and Staff in their committee membership compositions to ensure a balanced and diverse representation.

Each spring, the GFC Nominating Committee (NC) meets in accordance to its Terms of Reference and Membership Replenishment Procedures, to fill the anticipated student and staff membership vacancies in the upcoming school year.

The GFC NC prepares an Annual Membership Replenishment Timeline which lists spring deadlines for students and staff to submit Committee Applications to fill membership vacancies anticipated in the coming school year. Generally, student terms end April 30 and staff terms end June 30.

Year round, a "Current Vacancies" web page is published to list vacant membership seats in the current year. Applications to fill vacancies are accepted in year to fill vacant seats that remain unfilled following the annual replenishment..

Types of Committee Roles for Students/Staff

Enter the University Governance "Member Zone"

The Member Zone is an active Committee environment providing key documents (committee mandate, delegation of authority) and operational details (membership listing, meeting times, and meeting materials: agenda, minutes, approved motions.)

For more details about individual committee, please link below.

  • GFC Academic Planning Committee (APC
  • GFC Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
  • GFC Committee on the Learning Environment (CLE)
  • GFC Executive Committee (EXEC
  • GFC Facilities Development Committee (FDC)
  • GFC Nominating Committee (NC)
  • GFC Student Conduct Policy Committee (SCPC)
  • GFC Undergraduate Awards and Bursaries Committee (UASC) 
  • GFC University Teaching Awards (UTAC
  • Council on Student Affairs (COSA

View: University-level Appeal Bodies for details regarding the GFC Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) and University Appeal Board (UAB)

GFC Nominating Committee Contact: Email Ann Hodgson (NC Coordinator) with any questions regarding Membership Replenishment.