How do I participate in University Governance at the University of Alberta?

Judicial Governance - Staff Panelist

All appeal panel members need to be able to objectively hear submissions from both parties to an appeal, analyze and weigh evidence and come to a reasonable decision based on the evidence.

Annually each spring, and as vacancies arise throughout the year, the GFC Nominating Committee (NC) works to replenish vacant panel positions on its university appeal bodies.

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Terms of Office for Staff Panelist

  • Normal terms of office for Staff Panelists are THREE (3) years in duration, running July 1 through June 30.

Brief Position Description:

Role of Judiciary Panelist on University Appeal Bodies

Considering a Panel role? Please contact the Appeals and Compliance Officer

In advance of appeal panel application, all interested students and staff with questions or seeking more information are encouraged to contact Michael Peterson, Appeals and Compliance Officer (University Governance) or by tel: 780-492-2655.

Staff Panel Application Form
Apply By April 17, 2018
For positions effective July 1, 2018