Quick Links to Academic and Judiciary Governance Sites

Trying to figure out how to actively participate in academic and judiciary governance at the U? How do you determine which committee or board may be a "good fit" for your interest and schedule availability? Click on the key links below to be navigated though the University Governance site and learn more.

General Faculties Council - peruse the main GFC website for details such as terms of reference, meeting schedules and membership listings are available.

GFC Committee Descriptions and Relevant Legislation "at a glance" - for all governance committees, contacts and meeting times. For those new to university governance, this PDF (created by the GFC Secretary) is a very helpful and quick guide to discover more about the academic standing committees of General Faculties Council and judiciary boards!!

GFC Nominating Committee's annual replenishment cycle - for key meeting dates to prepare for the next academic year.

Governance 101 Sessions - for workshops on institutional governance open to all university members

For questions or more information regarding the GFC Nominating Committee, committee nominations and elections, please contact Ann Hodgson, Coordinator, GFC Nominating Committee (NC), at 780-492-1938, or by e-mail: Ann.Hodgson@ualberta.ca.

Contact a University Governance Committee Coordinator directly. Interested applicants may drop by University Governance located in Room 3-04 South Academic Building (SAB) to speak to a GFC Committee Coordinator in person. Alternatively, please contact a Committee Coordinator by email or telephone.