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eVote: Governance Electronic Voting procedure

The University Governance “Electronic Voting” system (e-Vote) successfully meets legislated requirements for voter anonymity and accessibility by:

  • increasing productivity and efficiencies to support and streamline work-flow and synergize staffing and resources;
  • creating community by providing an accessible, mobile solution to managing nominations and creating a global voting network.;
  • promoting citizenship by engaging internal and external communities to contribute and participate in governance and providing a transparent governance process;
  • supporting University Governance with on-line administration and delivery of the nomination, election and review/selection processes, mobile voting for the university community;
  • providing secure interfacing with all levels of University Governance to enable the flow of business between meetings.

Electronic Voting Instructions:

I'm a voting member of General Faculties Council, how does the eVote application work? Click here for "How To" steps and more information.

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