Serve on Selection and Review Committees

GFC Voting Member Instructions

Electronic Elections held by GFC:

  • GFC voting members (electorate as defined by UAPPOL), will be emailed an election announcement, including all relevant election details and time period.
  • A direct link to the on-line voting ballot (eVote) will be included within the election announcement.
  • Alternatively, GFC voters can navigate to the eVote ballot at any time during the election period. The eVote tab is located along the left navigating toolbar of the University Governance main-page, as well as on the GFC site.
  • As part of the GFC membership maintenance, GFC voting members are pre-assigned voting permissions in accordance to the General Facilities Council (GFC) Terms of Reference, and in particular, the relevant Search/Review procedures of the UAPPOL Recruitment Policy.
  • Access to an eVote ballot requires an active University CCID account.

Casting an e-Ballot:

  1. Voters are required to login using a personal CCID/password to gain entry to the eVote site with active ballot(s).
  2. The eVote is a secured, on-line voting web application easily accessible using any computer/mobile device with internet connection.
  3. In some instances, voters may view more than one active Election Call at the eVote site, and may vote as required.
  4. Nominees (names appearing on a voting ballot) will prepare brief academic biographies for GFC voting members’ perusal, as supporting information to their nomination.
  5. Available on each voting ballot will be a link to the biographies. Voters can review on-line nominees’ bios prior to casting a ballot.
  6. On the ballot itself, voters will see clear instructions on how to choose a candidate(s).
  7. Ballots are officially cast by clicking the “submit” button, located at both top and bottom of the ballot window.
  8. After submission, eVote will auto-generate a “successfully submitted” notification (prior to logout).
  9. Once submitted, a voting ballot is final, and can only be submitted once per election.