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Electronic-Elections held by GFC

The University Governance “Electronic Voting Portal (e-Vote)" successfully meets legislated requirements for voter anonymity and accessibility by increasing productivity and efficiencies to support and streamline work-flow and synergize staffing and resources. Supported by eVOTE, GFC can diligently inform and fully engage its voting membership from delivery to completion of time-dependent election processes. 

  • The eVote Portal is a secured, on-line voting web application accessible using any computer/mobile device with internet connection.
  • Eligible GFC voting members receive detailed election announcements by email from the GFC Election Coordinator.
  • Included within a GFC election announcement is a navigational link to the secured, confidential eVOTE Portal.
  • Only eligible GFC voting members are assigned with login permission.
  • Established voting eligibility is determined in accordance to the applicable procedure in UAPPOL.
  • Voters, at times, may engage in multiple elections taking place simultaneously, and may vote accordingly.

Accessing the e-Ballot:

  • GFC voters login with their university assigned CCID (and personal password) to view an active e-vote ballot.
  • An e-ballot includes links to nominee biographies (prepared by each individual) and will display clear instructions on how to choose either a single or multiple candidate(s).
  • By clicking the “submit” button, the voter will successfully "cast" their e-ballot.
  • After successful submission, the voter will receive auto-notification (by eVote) prior to logout from the eVote portal.
  • Once submitted, a voting ballot is final, and can only be submitted once per election.
  • Having cast an e-ballot successfully, the voter's role and voting accessibility has concluded.

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