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GFC Members will Vote Remotely - Please Link to:  eMEETING

* Please Note: GFC Voting Members should enable the e-clicker upon GFC meeting arrival. Only GFC Voting Members are assigned with login permission to vote remotely by means of an eMeeting (e-clicker). Instructions follow below.

Public Observers: If you wish to observe the upcoming GFC meeting, please contact: Heather Richholt (Assistant Secretary to GFC) by email to

Please View: Helpful Tips to Remote into Committee Meeting by Video Conference

Attention GFC Voting Members: Remote Voting Instructions

To participate in remote voting during a GFC meeting, voting members are asked to enable their e-MEETING (e-Clicker) by linking here upon arrival into the virtual meeting room.

e-Clicker Voting Instructions:
  • The e-Clicker can be accessed through your preferred internet browser on a desktop, a laptop device or a mobile phone (ie. like a hand-held clicker).
  • Eligible voters will be prompted for their CCID and password once linked via the eMEETING url.
  • Note: a CCID does not include the domain. Only enter the characters/digits and not the (ie.
  • The remote clicker will remain open for duration of the GFC meeting for instant voting.
More Helpful Hints/Tips can be found here.

GFC Town Hall - May 6, 2020: