Current Report of the GFC Nominating Committee (NC)

The 2020 Annual Student Membership Replenishment Meeting was held by NC on April 22, 2020.

The following report is currently before GFC:

GFC Nominating Committee Report to GFC (April 27, 2020)




As mandated, the NC will put forward the name of a candidate recommended to fill a membership position to GFC by means of a ("GFC Nominating Committee Report to GFC") for acceptance by GFC, as final approver of all appointments to its Standing Committees, university-level Appeal Bodies and other committee to which GFC elects. An NC report may include a single candidate or several, depending upon the recommendations available.


Upon receipt and consideration of an NC Report (sent electronically), a GFC member has the opportunity to submit an additional nomination (as outlined below).
Upon conclusion of the nomination period, with no additional names received, a "GFC Nominating Committee Report to GFC" is considered as approved. Recommended candidates, as put forward by the NC, are declared as elected.

Submission of Additional Nomination (in response to a "GFC NC Report to GFC"):

  • A GFC member cannot self-nominate and must be nominated by a fellow GFC member.
  • An additional nomination must be received by the NC Coordinator (NCC) by the deadline and supported by a GFC Committee/Panel application form.
  • Eligibility of an applicant is verified by the NCC against the applicable Committee's Terms of Reference and the vacancy selection criteria.
  • Based on number of vacancies at hand, an election (held by GFC) may be required to determine a final candidate.

More Details: Ann Hodgson (Coordinator, GFC Nominating Committee)