Glossary of University Acronyms



AAC Aboriginal Advisory Council
AAC Academic Appeals Committee [University Governance]
AARP Academic Alternate Relationship Plan
AASUA Academic Staff Association of the U of A
ABMC Academic Benefits Management Committee
ACAT Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfers [Government of Alberta]
ADCD Academic Directors, Chairs and Deans Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
AET Advanced Education and Technology (Ministry) [Government of Alberta]
AFWAG Ancillaries Fees Working Advisory Group
AGC Alberta Graduate Council
AHS Alberta Health Services [Government of Alberta]
AI Alberta Innovates [Government of Alberta]
AI-BS Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions [Government of Alberta]
AICT Academic Information and Communication Technologies
AI-EES Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions [Government of Alberta]
AI-HS Alberta Innovates Health Solutions [Government of Alberta]
AIS Administrative Information Systems
AISSC Administrative Information Systems Steering Committee [Vice-President (Finance and Administration]
AI-TF Alberta Innovates Technology Futures [Government of Alberta]
AP&D Appointment, Promotion and Dismissal
APAGA Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act [Government of Alberta]
APAS Alberta Post-Secondary Application System (ApplyAlberta) [Government of Alberta]
APC Academic Planning Committee [General Faculties Council]
APO Administrative Professional Officer
APPR Academic Policy and Process Review Task Force [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
APRC Alcohol Policy Review Committee [VicePresident, Facilities and Operations]
ARC Agreement Review Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
ARIA Alberta Research and Innovation Authority [Government of Alberta]
ASC Aboriginal Student Council
ASC Academic Standards Committee [General Faculties Council]
ASC Administrative Strategic Council [VicePresident (Finance and Administration]
ASEC Alberta Students’ Executive Council
ASRIP Alberta Science and Research Investments Program [Government of Alberta]
ASRP Academic Supplemental Retirement Pension
ASSC Aboriginal Student Services Centre [Dean of Students]
AUA Alberta Universities Association
AUCC Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada


BAC Board Audit Committee [Board of Governors]
BAC Budget Advisory Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
BARD Book and Record Depository
BCGRC Board Community and Government Relations [Board] – now Board University Relations Committee
BFPC Board Finance and Property Committee [Board of Governors]
BG Board of Governors
BHRCC Board Human Resources and Compensation Committee [Board of Governors]
BIC Board Investment Committee [Board of Governors]
BIE Bureau International des Expositions
BLDC Board Learning and Discovery Committee [Board of Governors]
BSHEC Board Safety, Health and the Environment Committee [Board of Governors]
BURC Board University Relations Committee [Board of Governors]


CAFA Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations
CAGS Canadian Association for Graduate Studies
CAI Council on Aboriginal Initiatives [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
CAO Chief Advancement Officer [Vice-President, University Relations]
CAQC Campus Alberta Quality Council [Government of Alberta]
CAR Committee for Animal Resources [VicePresident (Research)]
CASA Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
CASDC Campus Alberta Strategic Directions Committee [Government of Alberta]
CAST Contract Academic Staff Teaching
CAUS Council of Alberta University Students
CC Career Centre
CCAC Canadian Council on Animal Care
CCE Chairs' Council Executive [President]
CCIS Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
CCN Campus Communicator Network
CEAR Capital Expenditure Authorization Request [Vice-President (Facilities and Operations)]
CERC Canada Excellence Research Chairs [Government of Canada]
CFI Canada Foundation for Innovation [Government of Canada]
CIAEPC Centres, Institutes and External Partnerships Committee [Provost and VicePresident (Academic)]
CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research [Government of Canada]
CIP Community Initiatives Program
CIP Comprehensive Institutional Plan
CLE Committee on the Learning Environment [General Faculties Council]
CLRC Campus Law Review Committee [General Faculties Council]
CMT Crisis Management Team
COAB Code of Applicant Behaviour
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
COPPOA Council of Post-Secondary Presidents of Alberta
COSA Council on Student Affairs [Dean of Students]
COSB Code of Student Behaviour
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPOC Cooling Plant on Campus
CRC Canada Research Chairs [Government of Canada]
CSJ Campus Saint-Jean
CSJ College Saint-Jean
CSL Community Service Learning
CSS Campus Security Services (renamed University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS)
CTL Celebration of Teaching and Learning
CTL Centre for Teaching and Learning
CUP Community-University Partnership


Dare to Deliver (and the two “Dare” documents are known and the Double Dare Documents)
D2D Dare to Discover
DC Deans’ Council
DIE Discipline Interpretation and Enforcement Board [Students’ Union]
DO Discipline Officer


E-DACC Edmonton Downtown Academic and Cultural Campus
EAE Enterprise and Advanced Education
ECV East Campus Village
EEDC Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
EFAP Employee and Family Assistance Program
EOC Emergency Operations Centre
ECHA Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (formerly, Edmonton Clinic North)
EPAC Edmonton Performing Arts Centre
EPC Executive Planning Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
ESG Environmental, Social, Governance
ESQ Enterprise Square – University of Alberta
EXEC Executive Committee [General Faculties Council]


FAAC Faculty Academic Appeals Committee
FDC Facilities Development Committee [General Faculties Council]
FDO Faculty Development Officer
FEC Faculty Evaluation Committee
FGSR Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
FLE Full-Load Equivalent
FPG For the Public Good
FOI Festival of Ideas
FOIPP Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
FOMD Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
FOS Final Offer Selection
FPRC Faculty Practice Review Committee
FSJ Faculté Saint-Jean
FSO Faculty Service Officer


G-13 Group of Thirteen Universities [Canada]
GAC General Appeals Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
GFC General Faculties Council
GOS Graduate Outcomes Survey
GPA Grade Point Average
GRC Governance Review Committee
GSA Graduate Students’ Association
GSAC Graduate Students’ Association of Canada


HERO Human Ethics Research Online
HIAR Helping Individuals at Risk (Policy) [UAPPOL]
HRIS Human Resource Information Services
HRS Human Resource Services
HSC Health Sciences Council


IAP Institutional Access Plan [Provost and VicePresident (Academic)]
ICC International Coordinating Council [President]
ICD Institute of Corporate Directors
ICE Innovation Centre for Engineering
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IMP Infrastructure Maintenance Program
IPG Integrated Planning Group
IPO Information and Privacy Office
IRP Institutional Research Plan [Vice-President (Research)]
ISS Interim Staffing Solutions
ITC Information Technology Committee [ViceProvost, Information Technology]


KIP Knowledge Infrastructure Program [Government of Canada]
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KRF Killam Research Fund
KSI Key Strategic Initiative


LIS Library Impact Statement
LKSF Li Ka Shing Foundation
LMS Learning Management Systems
LOI Letter of Intent
LRDP Long Range Development Plan [VicePresident (Facilities and Operations)]


MASC Math and Applied Sciences Centre
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOOC Massive On-line Open Courses
MOU Memorandum of Understanding


NAJA Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
NANUC National High Field NMR Centre
NASA Non-Academic Staff Association
NC Nominating Committee [General Faculties Council]
NCE Networks of Centres of Excellence
NINT National Institute for Nanotechnology
NRC National Research Council [Government of Canada]
NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council [Government of Canada]
NSSE National Survey on Student Engagement


OASIS Online Academic Student Information System
OI Outline of Issue [University Governance]


P/VP (A) Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
PACC Provost's Advisory Council of Chairs
PACD Provost’s Advisory Council of Deans [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
PAGF Province of Alberta Graduate Fellowship [Government of Alberta]
PAGS Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship [Government of Alberta]
PAW Physical Activity and Wellness Centre
PDEA Provost Doctoral Entrance Awards
PDF Post-Doctoral Fellow
PDFA Post-Doctoral Fellows Association
PDFO Post-Doctoral Fellow s Office
PEAC Position Evaluation Appeal Committee
PEC President’s Executive Committee
PHRC Public Health Response Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
PIPA Personal Information Protection Act [Government of Alberta]
PRB Practice Review Board [University Governance]
PRC President’s Review Committee
PREPD Performance Review Evaluation and Professional Development
PSLA Post-Secondary Learning Act


RACF Registrar's Advisory Committee on Fees
RBAC Residence Budget Advisory Group
RC Replenishment Committee [General Faculties Council]
REB Research Ethics Board
REBA Research Ethics Board Administrator
REMO Research Ethics and Management Online
REO Research Ethics Office [Vice-President (Research)]
RO Registrar’s Office
RRON Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised)
RHA Residence Halls Association
RSO Research Services Office [Vice-President (Research)]
RTW Required to Withdraw


SACIE Standing Advisory Council on International Engagement [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
SAB South Academic Building
SAO Senior Administrative Officer
SAS Student Accessibility Services [Dean of Students]
SCCG South Campus Consultation Group
SCNC South Campus Neighborhood Coalition
SDO Senior Development Officer
SIF Strategic Investment Fund
SIG Strategic Initiatives Group [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
SL&D Staff Learning and Development
SLOWPOKE Safe LOW POwer Kritical Experiment
SOS ASC Subcommittee on Standards [General Faculties Council]
SOS Student OmbudService [Dean of Students]
SOTS Sessional & Other Temporary Staff
SSHRC Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council [Government of Canada]
SU Students' Union


TCPS Tri-Council Policy Statement
TDM Travel Demand Management (VicePresident (Facilities and Operations)]
TELSAC Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces Advisory Committee)
TIE Truth in Education
TLAT Teaching, Learning and Technology Council [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
TLEF Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
TRC Truth and Reconciliation Commission (of Canada)
TRIUMF Tri-University Meson Facility
TTF Tuition Task Force [Vice-Present (Finance and Administration]
TYP Transition Year Program


U15 Group of 15 Canadian Universities
UAB University Appeals Board [University Governance]
UABM University of Alberta Budget Model
UACC University of Alberta Consultation Group
UACUC University Animal Care and Use Committee [Vice-President (Research)]
UAI University of Alberta International
UAPPOL University of Alberta Policies and Procedures On-Line
UAPS University of Alberta Protective Services (formerly Campus Security Services)
UAPWC University Animal Policy and Welfare Committee [Vice-President (Research)]
UASC Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship Committee [General Faculties Council]
UBEF University Bursaries and Emergency Funding [Dean of Students]
UCW Units of Course Weight
UHC University Health Centre
URAC University Research Administration Committee [Vice-President (Research)]
URCC Unit Review Coordinating Committee [Provost and Vice-President (Academic)]
URPC University Research Policy Committee [Vice-President (Research)]
UTAC University Teaching Awards Committee [General Faculties Council]
UWG UAPPOL Working Group [Provost and VicePresident (Academic)]


VP (F&A) Vice-President (Finance and Administration)
VP (F&O) Vice-President (Facilities and Operations)
VP (R) Vice-President (Research)
VP (UR) Vice-President (University Relations) (formerly External Relations)
VPM Vice-Provosts’ Meeting


WCHRI Women & Children’s Health Research Institute
WISEST Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology
WUN Worldwide Universities Network

Last updated: 07/03/2017

University Governance has prepared the ‘acronyms list’ as a reference list to assist you.  We hope we have identified the key ones – but if you have any suggested additions, please let us know.