Policies, Standards and Codes of Conduct

120. University Community Relations

Note from the University Secretariat: The Post-Secondary Learning Act gives GFC responsibility, subject to the authority of the Board of Governors, over "academic affairs" (section 26(1)). GFC has thus enacted a policy governing University-Community Relations, as set out below.

The complete wording of the section(s) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, as referred to above, and any other related sections, should be checked in any instance where formal jurisdiction or delegation needs to be determined.

At the November 5, 2012 Executive Committee meeting, the Excutive approved under delegated authority from General Faculties Counil, the rescission of Section 120 (University Community Relations) Subsections 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the GFC Policy Manual, to take effect immediately.

120.9 Professional Liability

Although the University of Alberta carries liability insurance which extends to the activities of both academic and support staff while acting in the course of employment, (ie, performance of teaching, research and administrative responsibilities), when any faculty member is engaged in a supplementary professional activity or acting in a capacity independent of the University of Alberta, that member is not covered by the University. Any liability in such circumstances is a matter between the faculty member and the client, so the resultant contracts and obligations do not implicate the University of Alberta (see Clause 8.11*, Faculty Agreement).

* Readers are cautioned that both the text and numbering of Articles may change prior to ratification of the revised Faculty Agreement in early 1993.

In summary, the University of Alberta recognizes and respects the relationships that develop between the University of Alberta and the community and the benefits to be gained from the mutual exchange of services. University-community relations, including supplementary professional activities, are complementary to a faculty member's University role and responsibility. Such activities should enhance the faculty member's skill, knowledge and expertise and be considered beneficial to the community at large.

 (GFC 24 JUN 1991)  (EXEC 05 NOV 2012)
 (EXEC 01 FEB 1993)  (EXEC 12 JAN 2015)