25. Calendar Changes

Note from the University Secretariat: The Post-Secondary Learning Act gives General Faculties Council (GFC) responsibility, subject to the authority of the Board of Governors, over "academic affairs" (section 26(1)) and over the "preparation and publication of the university calendar" (section 26(1)(g)). GFC has thus enacted a policy on Calendar Changes, as set out below.

The complete wording of the section(s) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, as referred to above, and any other related sections, should be checked in any instance where formal jurisdiction or delegation needs to be determined.

The items referred to in subsection (g) above are delegated to the Executive Committee. (GFC 08 SEP 1966)

Technical matters relating to the printing and publication of the Calendar, including procedural matters in the editorial process such as the timing and form of submission, have been delegated to the Registrar.(GFC 31 MAY 1976) (GFC 27 JUN 1976)

The Registrar shall receive from the Board of Governors statements on fees for the inclusion in the University Calendar. (GFC 29 JUN 1981)

Final editorial authority for minor procedural directions was delegated to the Registrar, who will be responsible for the conformance of these directions to the general University policy. (GFC 29 JUN 1981)

The Registrar was given final editorial authority in regard to the purely descriptive materials in the Calendar (those without regulative force).(GFC 29 JUN 1981)

The 1981-82 University Calendar was accepted as the policy document of the University, with changes to the Calendar listed in the GFC minutes of June 29, 1981. (GFC 29 JUN 1981)

The GFC Executive Committee acted on behalf of GFC in endorsing:

  • the 11 recommendations of the Calendar Task Force to the Vice-President (Academic) on the understanding that with respect to recommendation 11 the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) has the flexibility to decide on the funding issue. (EXEC 20 JUN 1997)
  • the guidelines and procedures for implementing the Calendar Task Force recommendations with the addition of one Associate Dean and the Secretary to GFC in the review. (EXEC 20 JUN 1997)
  • the principle of editing the existing Calendar test to: simplify the language; eliminate redundant information; correct punctuation and grammar; and to approve the resulting editorial changes made to the Faculty sections of the Calendar in accordance with this principle.(EXEC 20 JUN 1997)