56. General Appeals Committee (GAC)

Note from the University Secretariat: The Post-Secondary Learning Act gives General Faculties Council (GFC) responsibility, subject to the authority of the Board of Governors, over "academic affairs" (section 26(1)).

The Board has authority to employ officers, employees and academic staff (sections 83 and 84 of the Act).

GFC has authority to approve procedures relating to the appointment, promotion and dismissal of academic staff (section 22(2)). In addition, GFC may recommend to the Board of Governors on "procedures in respect of appointments, promotions, salaries, tenure and dismissals" of academic staff (section 26(1)(o)).

The complete wording of the section(s) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, as referred to above, and any other related sections, should be checked in any instance where formal jurisdiction or delegation needs to be determined.

56.1 Authority

The General Appeals Committee (GAC) is a committee established under section 11.02.1 ff of the Board-AAS:UA Agreement (Faculty).

56.2 Reports

The General Appeals Committee (GAC) reports to GFC, providing a statistical summary of cases and their disposition. The statistical information will be presented in such a way that the confidentiality of individual cases will not be breached. (EXEC 08 APR 2002)

NOTE FROM THE UNIVERSITY SECRETARIAT - FOR INFORMATION: The University Secretariat has been asked by the GFC Executive to attempt to have all appeal boards (ie UAB, AAC, PRB and GAC) report to GFC at the same meeting. (EXEC 08 APR 2002) (EXEC 09 SEP 2002)

The Committee may also raise with the Executive Committee any policy or procedural issues, and may ask to do so in camera.(GFC 09 FEB 1981)(EXEC 18 NOV 1996) (EXEC 08 APR 2002)

The GAC is requested to include in its reports, for information, the total number of appeals for the previous five years, broken down by Faculty. (EXEC 22 JUL 1985)

(GFC 09 FEB 1981) (EXEC 08 APR 2002)
(EXEC 22 JUL 1985) (EXEC 09 SEP 2002)
(EXEC 18 NOV 1996)