65. Housing and Food Services

65.3 University of Alberta Student Housing Policy


Student housing at the University of Alberta provides students with a secure, clean, comfortable and supportive living environment that enhances cooperative community living and students' personal, social and academic development.

Student housing provides community environments which assist students to develop all aspects of their lives to the fullest extent possible. Residence management works with students to ensure that academic, social and personal support systems and programs are made available on an ongoing basis. Services are provided to assist students who experience problems but also to assist residence students achieve higher levels of success in all aspects of their university experience.

The University of Alberta maintains its residence communities as appealing places for students (and their families in Michener Park) to live. The residence facilities maintain high standards of cleanliness, maintenance and security. The residences are kept free from noise, general disruptions, irritations and distractions. They are communities where students feel comfortable, secure and at home.

The management of the University's student housing is committed to the ideal that students are largely responsible for determining their own destinies and that residence management must assist students to accomplish the goals they have identified for themselves within the goals and standards established by the University itself. The residences teach personal and group skills as well as a responsibility to the community. Students are given an opportunity to interact with their peers and to contribute to the management of the residences as a member of the residence community. The residences assist students to learn the human relations skills necessary to effectively socialize with others, to work as members of a community dedicated to the attainment of shared values and ideals and to the achievement of community goals and objectives.


The University of Alberta will provide a physical environment, an administrative climate and full complement of student services in the residences which will challenge and assist all of its residence students to achieve their academic and career goals, and at the same time contribute to their social, psychological and physical well-being and development.


1. The University will conduct its residence administrative affairs in an effective and efficient student orientated manner and will develop mutually supportive, interdependent relationships between the residence communities, the Department of Housing and Food Services and the greater University community.

2. Residence management will continue to involve students in decision making within the residence which affects them and will encourage and facilitate student involvement in the provision of residence programs and student services; commit to the fullest possible cooperation with the six residence community associations, the Students' Union, the Graduate Students' Association; liaise with these student associations on a regular basis and will assist the six residence student associations to develop and maintain themselves with full involvement from the communities they serve.

3. The University will provide a secure, clean and comfortable residence environment for students. Residence management will work with students to keep vandalism, damages and noise to a minimum while maintaining security, cleaning and maintenance standards. Maintenance systems, preventative maintenance programs, energy conservation programs and renovation programs will continue to be developed and maintained to the highest possible standards. Planning, renovation and construction of facilities and grounds will be done with their effect upon students' well-being and development as the principal consideration.

4. Student housing will be kept as relatively inexpensive as possible within the Department of Housing and Food Services' mandate to break-even financially. Housing and board rate increase proposals will take into account housing rates in the Edmonton area but the major emphasis will be on the unique nature of the residences.

5. The University will offer residence programs, facilities and student services which contribute to the enhancement of the academic, personal and social lives of students. Services and programs in residence will be developed and coordinated in order to enhance students' academic performance and to assist students to realize their own academic goals.

6. Residence management will effectively train and support its own staff, and offer training and support to the student associations' executive and others involved in the residence communities in order to properly enable them to realize their goals and objectives. Training programs will be offered on a regular, ongoing basis with special emphasis on the needs and interests of new staff, new association executive and new students.

7. The residences will work closely with and support other University departments, especially Student Services and the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, toward realizing common goals and objectives.

8. Board programs will be included in the Lister and Pembina residences which offer varied and nutritional food products at good value.

9. The residences will provide accommodation which meets the needs of physically handicapped students.