Objective 21

For the Public Good, the University of Alberta's new institutional strategic plan.

Objective 21 pin on a table in the Governance Offices


Encourage continuous improvement in administrative, governance, planning, and stewardship systems, procedures, and policies that enable students, faculty, staff, and the institution as a whole to achieve shared strategic goals.


i. Strategy: Encourage transparency and improve communication across the university through clear consultation and decision-making processes, substantive and timely communication of information, and access to shared, reliable institutional data.

ii. Strategy: Ensure that individual and institutional annual review processes align with and support key institutional strategic goals.

iii. Strategy: Consolidate unit review and strategic planning processes, and where possible, align with accreditation processes, to ensure efficient assessment practices.

iv. Strategy: Facilitate easy access to and use of university services and systems, reduce duplication and complexity, and encourage cross-institutional administrative and operational collaboration.

v. Strategy: Develop a set of equitable, meaningful, and relevant measures to monitor our progress toward strategic goals and develop the tools required to report on them.