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GSA Board Strategic Work Plan

GSA Board Strategic Work Plan - 2018-2019

Each spring the GSA Directly-Elected Officers (DEOs) work with the GSA Board to produce a Strategic Work Plan (SWP). The SWP is the document that steers and prioritizes the work and initiatives of the GSA. The GSA sees this as a living document, shifting directions as needed as the provincial, federal, and University landscapes change. It is developed annually with reference to the Strategic Work Plans of previous GSA Boards, and provides a planning document for this and future years. The SWP reflects the GSA's vision and mission to advocate for all graduate students to the University of Alberta and the Alberta Government for a safe, supportive, respectful, accessible, and inclusive community that fosters the multi-faceted roles played by graduate students.

This year's SWP focuses on four broad themes: foster, support, advocate, and connect. We have also significantly revised the layout of our SWP and it is now a shorter, more focused, and more engaging document. The DEOs engage in ongoing conversation with the GSA Board and GSA Council concerning the pursuit of the goals outlined in the SWP.  

The DEOs report on their progress over the course of their terms to GSA Council at its October, January, and April meetings. These updates will be posted below after the GSA Council meetings. 

You can read the 2018-2019 GSA Board Strategic Work Plan here.

15 October 2018 - 2018-2018 GSA Board Strategic Work Plan Update - Letters from the GSA President and Vice-Presidents to GSA Council

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