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GSA Budget and Audit

GSA Budget and Audit


The obligations of GSA Council, the GSA Budget and Finance Committee (GSA BFC), GSA management, the President, and the GSA Board (GSAB) are outlined in GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section K: Finances.

The principles guiding the GSA in planning and management of the budget are also outlined in full in GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section K: Finances, and, briefly, focus on the following:

  • Being open and transparent, and encouraging input from the GSAB and the GSA BFC;
  • Considering the GSA's vision, mission, and mandate, using the GSA Board Strategic Work Plan as a guide;
  • Ensuring long-term viability;
  • Supporting resource accountability;
  • Delegating budget decisions; and
  • Proposing an inclusive budget to GSA Council.

2018-2019 GSA Annual Operating and Capital Budget and GSA Three-Year Budget/Business Plan

Audited Financial Statements

The GSA is directed by Section 97(1) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act to provide the University Board of Governors with audited financial statements each year. See GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section K: Finances, for more details about this process.

2017 Audited Financial Statements

Business Travel

From time to time, the GSA Directly-Elected Officers will undertake travel to attend meetings or conferences related to their portfolios. In accordance with GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section K: Finances, "summaries of actual expenses will be reviewed by the GSAB prior to posting on the GSA website."

2018-2019 Business Travel Expenses:  

  • None at this time  

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