About the GSA

General Faculties Council

Opportunity to Serve: Two (2) Graduate Students


The GSA Nominating Committee (GSA NoC) invites nominations from graduate students to fill two (2) at-large positions for service on the General Faculties Council, the University’s highest level of academic governance. The term of office for these positions begins immediately and ends April 30, 2019. 



If you are interested in putting your name forward to serve on this committee, please fill out the attached form and email it to gsa.nomcomm@ualberta.ca by Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 12:00 PM (Noon).


Nominations received will be circulated as submitted via email to the GSA NoC.


GFC Mandate & Meetings

“[…] General faculties council is responsible for the academic affairs of the university” (Post-Secondary Learning Act, C P-19.5, Section 26(1)). GFC meets on the third or fourth Monday of each month at 2 PM (see table below for a list of dates).

Graduate students at-large on the GFC will also have the opportunity to join GFC Standing Committees.

The terms of reference for GFC can be found here


Graduate students at-large on GFC must be available to attend GFC meetings. The GFC Terms of Reference state: “If a student misses two consecutive meetings, or more than three meetings, the […] Graduate Students’ Association may request that the Chair declare the position vacant” (GFC Terms of Reference, “Attendance”).


GSA GFC Caucus Meetings

These meetings are held for all graduate student members of the GFC on the Thursday prior to each GFC meeting. “The GSA GFC Caucus is a forum to coordinate graduate student representation in the GFC Meeting (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section G: GSA Caucuses, GSA Bylaw, GSA Caucuses, Section G.POL.2.2.a).  In order to effectively coordinate GFC representation, it is important that all students elected to the GFC attend these Caucus meetings (see table below for a list of dates).


2018-2019 GFC Meetings

2 PM – 4 PM

2018-2019 GFC Caucus Meetings

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

September 24, 2018

September 20, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 18, 2018

November 26, 2018

November 22, 2018

December 2018– No meeting scheduled

No meeting

January 28, 2019

January 24, 2019

February 25, 2019

February 21, 2019

March 18, 2019

March 14, 2019

April 29, 2019

April 25, 2019

May 27, 2019

May 23, 2019


Should insufficient applications be received by the above deadline, the GSA NoC will commence a directed search process to fill remaining vacancies.

If you are not selected for service, we will notify you and we will ask for permission to keep your name and resume/bio on file for other possible committee openings.