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Northern Research Awards Committee

Opportunity to Serve: One (1) Graduate Student


UAlberta North invites nominations from graduate students to fill the vacancy for one (1) student on the Northern Research Awards Committee. The appointment to the committee is for one year only.



If you are interested in putting your name forward to serve on this committee, please fill out the attached form and email it to anitad@ualberta.ca by Friday, September 28, 2018 at 12:00 PM (Noon).



All senior-level graduate students pursuing northern* research in any discipline are eligible to serve. The nominee normally will have received a UofA Northern Research Award (UANRA – formerly known as CBAR) or a Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grant in the past, and will not intend to apply for funding in the year during which he or she serves on the Committee.

Purpose and Mandate:

“The role of the Northern Research Awards Committee is to further the U of A’s objectives to promote northern research, scholarship and training of senior undergraduate and graduate students. The Committee is responsible for undertaking the evaluation of all applications to the two grant fund envelopes: the federally-funded Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grants and the internally funded U of A Northern Research Awards. The Committee provides recommendations on the allocation of awards, and supports the chair in making the institutional NSTP application to Polar Knowledge Canada on behalf of University of Alberta students.” (UANRA Terms of Reference)



The committee meets no more than four times in a given academic year. The meetings are held in October, November and March at UAlberta North office, Ring House 3.


 As per the UANRA Terms of Reference, the committee comprises six members:
  • Four academic staff members of the University of Alberta, appointed for a three-year term (staggered), with one representative from each of the following areas: Earth/Physical Sciences; Life/Biological Sciences; Social Sciences/Humanities; and Health Sciences. 
  • One graduate student representative, appointed for a one-year term;
  • One ex officio member from UAlberta North (non-voting).



*The term “North” is understood to include that part of Canada which lies north of the southern limit of the discontinuous permafrost zone, including the territories and the provincial norths adjacent to them, as well as the seven other Arctic countries (Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland [Denmark], Iceland).