About the GSA

Current GSA Directly-Elected Officers, Management, and Staff

Our Directly-Elected Officers provide guidance and leadership and represent graduate students on U of A committees and councils, in addition to performing specific duties within the GSA.

The management and office staff help run the GSA’s day-to-day administration and services, and support the activities of the organization as a whole.

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For general inquiries please e-mail gsa.frontdesk@ualberta.ca.

For questions about GSA Grants, Bursaries, and Awards please e-mail gsa.grants@ualberta.ca.

GSA Current Directly-Elected Officers

For descriptions of the portfolios of the Directly-Elected Officers, click here.

Please click here for a list of past GSA Presidents and here for a list of past GSA Vice-Presidents. 

GSA Council-Elected Officers

GSA Management

Executive Director (full-time)
Courtney Thomas, BA & MA (University of Alberta), PhD (Yale)
Associate Director (full-time)
Julie Tanguay, BA (Université Laval), LLB & JD (Université de Montréal)

Assistant Director (full-time)
Lisa Hareuther, BA (University of Alberta) & MA (Simon Fraser)

In addition, the GSA Accountant and GSA Financial Manager work part-time.

GSA Staff Represented by the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA)

The GSA staff facilitate the following:

  • Graduate student groups
  • Scheduling some 1,300 meetings a year for the Directly-Elected Officers
  • Electing graduate students to over a cumulative 170 GSA and university committees through the GSA Nominating Committee
  • Processing some 1,000 grants, bursaries, and awards annually
  • Addressing about 1,000 inquiries at the front desk each year
  • Drafting and distributing 50-plus newsletters and bulletins each year
  • Planning GSA events and orientations
  • Maintaining over 2,000 paper and electronic files