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GSA President

GSA President 2019-2020:Fahed Elian

"The President is the chief executive officer of the GSA and is responsible for the GSA’s overall operations as well as external and University affairs " (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D: GSA Officers, GSA Bylaw, Section D.BYL.2.2.a).

E-Mail: gsa.president@ualberta.ca


Biography:  GSA President 2019-2020

Originally from Palestine, Fahed spent time living in Jordan, Lebanon, and Libya before making his way to Egypt to earn his BSc in biotechnology. His academic pursuits then led him to Edmonton and, having earned his MSc at the University of Alberta, Fahed is now pursuing a PhD in Medical Genetics. While his research focuses on genes associated with breast cancer and their potential as biomarkers for defining tumours with distinctive features, Fahed’s interests also extend beyond the lab. His free time is devoted to soccer, futsal, snowboarding, and—most recently—kickboxing. You may also catch him working as a DJ, spending time at the nearest record store, or camping when the weather allows it.



Having served as the 2018-2019 GSA Vice-President Student Services, Fahed is eager to continue his work in 2019-2020 as the GSA President.