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GSA President

GSA President 2018-2019: Sasha van der Klein

"The President is the chief executive officer of the GSA and is responsible for the GSA’s overall operations as well as external and University affairs " (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D: GSA Officers, GSA Bylaw, Section D.BYL.2.2.a).

E-Mail: gsa.president@ualberta.ca


Biography: GSA President Sasha van der Klein

Hi! I’m Sasha van der Klein and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I obtained my BSc and MSc degree in Animal Science from Wageningen University and I’m crazy about chickens. Therefore, I moved to Edmonton in 2015 to do my PhD with Dr. Martin Zuidhof, studying nutrition and lighting in meat-type chickens. Apart from chickens, I also love hockey and horses. Every week you can find me at least once on the ice and I go horse riding about every weekend on a farm near Edmonton. I’m also a cyclist year-round, so if you see a tall Dutch girl on a black bike with bike-bags, struggling through the snow, that’s me!


My journey in the Graduate Students’ Association started two years ago, when I first got elected as VP Labour. Since then, I have gained a lot of experience in University Governance and learned about the diverse graduate student environments. Regarding professional development, I organized the “Managing Up!” series together with FGSR, and this year the first “Graduate Student Safety Session” will take place. I also met on a regular basis with students who come for various issues and struggles to our office. This gave me the experience to identify key areas for improvement. 

Apart from my experience in the GSA, I’m also an active member of the agriculture community around Edmonton. I’m a volunteer for the Northlands Agriculture Society, where I help at the yearly Farm Fair International. I’m also a committee member of the Poultry Service Industry Workshop, a yearly conference in Banff that helps to keep the poultry community updated about new developments in the sector. I have been a teaching assistant for several courses in my previous university as well as at the U of A, and I actively engage undergraduate students in (poultry) research through the Poultry Research Centre Student Club. 

I have a clear, direct, and helpful nature, which allows me to support graduate students and build connections within the wide range of their challenging environments. In short, I am here to help you succeed and advocate on your behalf!