About the GSA

GSA VP External

2017-2018 GSA Vice-President External: Masoud Khademi

"The Vice-President External is responsible for external representation and advocacy, along with the GSA President" (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D: GSA Officers, GSA Bylaw, Section D.BYL.2.2.c).

E-Mail: gsa.vpexternal@ualberta.ca


I am a second year PhD student at department of Civil Eng. Also I am a research assistant (RA) at Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group. Before joining the U of A, I completed my Master in Oil and Gas Eng. at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s. I also got a B.Sc. in Petroleum Eng. from Tehran Polytechnic. Throughout my studies in St John’s, I worked as a researcher in Memorial University’s Advanced Drilling Group. During my master and bachelor years I was teaching assistant (TA) for several courses; meanwhile, I was seriously involved in many other campus based activities including: Petroleum Students Representative (1 year), Students’ Scientific Association committee member (2 years), and coordinator of the student sector of SPE [Society of Petroleum Engineers] (1 year). 

Besides, I am a music lover (instrumentalist) who compose in folk and classical styles. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering for public services and non-profit medical organization as a politics and health enthusiast.


From the day I know myself, I have wanted to be an influential person for my community, and I have always tried for that by highly involving myself in every-day students’ issues and standing against them. Now as a PhD student, engineer, and community activist I believe my skills, fresh view, and strong passion would make me a positive addition to the GSA. I’m running for Vice President External (VPE), since I know most of grad-students dealing with so many challenges through their academic life; and the key for any improvement is giving them a fair say and a true representative who cares about them. With your trust I can be the strong fresh voice we all need, the voice which will always be heard. 

Last but not least, the current focus of my PhD research is on developing innovative safer methods for extracting more oil-sand in Albert. But if you are interested in technical terms I should say, I investigate the thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of inclined Hydrolithic Stratification (IHS) in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) operation. Here, I am honored to work in a cutting-edge research group, with 40 other international researchers under supervision of Dr. Chalaturnyk.