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GSA Vice-President Student Services 2019-2020: Chantal Labonté

"The Vice-President Student Services is responsible for GSA and University services provided to graduate students" (GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section D: GSA Officers, GSA Bylaw, Section D.BYL.2.2.e).

E-Mail: gsa.vpstudentservices@ualberta.ca


An Ontarian, Chantal made the trek from her hometown of Sudbury to McMaster University and finally to the University of AlbertaGSA VP Student Services 2019-2020 where she earned her MEd. She is now pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology, with her research focusing on the assessment, development, inclusion, and intervention of children and youth with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders. When not working as a respite worker for children with autism spectrum disorder, Chantal unwinds thanks to Netflix and online shopping. And though she hasn’t had the chance to hit the slopes lately, she is a certified ski instructor.


Chantal has served on a number of governing bodies, including the Education Faculty Council, the Department of Educational Psychology Council, the Educational Psychology Graduate Students’ Association, and GSA Council, and is excited to apply this wealth of experience to her upcoming work as the Vice- President Student Services.