The Graduate Students' Association offers four types of funding to support graduate students during their degree programs.

Please Note: Funding for the below is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and as per GSA Policy "If all available funds have been expended in the specific period, no additional applications will be accepted during that period".

  • GSA Academic Travel Grants: Accepting Applications           
    • Funding to allow students to participate in academic activities such as conferences.

    Please Note: If you are unable to attend the event for which you received GSA Academic Travel Grant funding, or received funds in excess of the amount you were originally approved for, please to notify the GSA.

Working with U of A Payroll Operations, the GSA uses direct deposit for Child Care Grants and Academic Travel Grants.


In order to receive funds you must be already enrolled in direct deposit and have granted consent to view your T4/T4A receipts online.

  1. Enroll in direct deposit by visiting and clicking on “Add Direct Deposit”.

  2. Grant your consent to view and print T4/T4A receipts online by visiting and clicking on “Granting Consent.”

For other sources of funding, please click here.