Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award

Applications Are Now CLOSED

Deadline to receive complete application packages was TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2018 at 4:00 PM MST

GSA staff members will only accept COMPLETE application packages. A Complete Application Package consists of:

  • Curriculum Vitae;

  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Resident or International Student Status;

  • Proof of Alberta Residency; and

  • An Enrollment Verification Document confirming full-time enrollment.

NOTE: For the Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award, applicants do NOT need to fill out the Scholarship Residency Résumé, contrary to what is indicated on the application form. Contact if you have questions.

GSA staff members CAN NOT accept application packages without letters of support. 

Any application packages, including letters of support, received at the GSA office or via email AFTER 4:00 PM MST on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, will be date stamped as being received on the next working day, and will be considered a late application. Late applications will not be accepted. Students are responsible for the completeness of their applications.

Electronic application packages should be directed to

More information about the Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award

Each year the Government of Alberta recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and leadership to fellow students and/or Alberta communities through public service and volunteer activities. Graduate students may be eligible for one of twenty Graduate Citizenship Awards allocated to the University of Alberta valued at $2,000 each.

Tips for Applying!

  1. The Application Form, Terms of Reference, and additional information can be found can be found here.

  2. Ensure you meet the Eligibility Criteria listed on the Graduate Citizenship Award application and in the Terms of Reference.

  3. Submit only the documentation listed under “Application Procedures” on the Graduate Citizenship Award application and in the Terms of Reference (page 2). Do not include additional documents other than those listed.

    • A completed, signed and dated Graduate Citizenship Award application form, including your Alberta Student Number (See Q&A #1 below).
    • A personal resume/CV. (See page 2 of the Award’s Terms of Reference for specific CV requirements and under “Eligibility Criteria” in the application form.)
    • Proof of Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Resident, or international student visa status. (See page 2 of the Award’s Terms of Reference for requirements on providing proof.)
    • Proof of Alberta Residency. (See page 2 of the Award’s Terms of Reference for requirements on providing proof.)
    • Two (2) letters of support. (See page 2 of the Award’s Terms of Reference for more information on letters.)
      • Submit only 2 letters. Only 2 letters will be considered. Extra letters will be removed from your application.
      • Letters of support do not need to be in sealed, signed envelopes.
      • Letters of support MUST be submitted with the application package. Letters of support will NOT be accepted independent of the application package. Based on our past experiences with late letters of support, we encourage students to obtain letters of support well in advance of the deadline to ensure your application is complete.
    • Confirmation of full-time enrollment. Confirmation of full-time enrollment should come in the form of an Enrollment Verification document from the Office of the Registrar.

Do not include any additional documents such as cover letters, certificates, etc. they will be removed from your application and will not be considered during adjudication.

Q&A for the Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award

This Q&A is meant to informally help graduate students navigate some of the requirements of the Graduate Citizenship Award. It will also assist the GSA Awards Selection Committee by helping to ensure that applicants meet minimum eligibility requirements. Additionally, please review the official Terms of Reference and Application for the Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award.

How do I obtain my Alberta Student Number?

  • All students, both international and domestic, need to have their Alberta Student Number (ASN) to complete the application form.

  • Your ASN can be obtained by going to and selecting “online at the Learner Registry.”

  • Once at the Learner Registry, choose “Lookup ASN” if you went to high school in Alberta or choose “Request ASN On-line” if you have never attended school in Alberta.

  • It may take up to three business days for international and non-Albertan students to receive their ASN after the request has been submitted so we encourage students to apply for their ASN as soon as possible.

Can international graduate students apply for the Government of Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award?

  • Yes, eligible international graduate students can apply.

  • According to the Terms of Reference, eligible international students can apply and receive up to 20% of the total number of awards available at each university, meaning that a maximum of four international students at the University of Alberta may receive the award.

How do I get an Enrollment Verification Document?

  • Enrollment Verification Documents can be ordered via Bear Tracks but should be done IN ADVANCE to ensure delivery before the deadline as it can take a week or longer to arrive via Canada Post. To order a document from Bear Tracks: visit - sign on using your CCID and password - on the left-hand sidebar, under "Academics" --> "My Academics" --> "Verification Documents" - select the tab for "Enrollment/Degree/Credential Verification Document" and follow the directions to request a document.

  • Enrollment Verification Documents can also be obtained in person at the Office of the Registrar (Student Connect) or the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

  • Enrollment Verification Documents should NOT be sent directly to the GSA office, as they must arrive with your application.

The GSA will notify graduate students regarding the status of their application in early December 2018. Any questions about the application and adjudication process should be directed to