2014 GSA General Election Results

The GSA Chief Returning Officer has announced the official results of the 2014 GSA General Election. GSA Policy states "upon completion of the ballot count, the CRO shall announce the official results as soon as possible" (GSA Policy Manual, Elections, 11.1).

The official results of the General Election are as follows:

GSA President - Elected Candidate: Nathan Andrews

Nathan Andrews - 334 votes

GSA Vice-President Academic - Elected Candidate: Colin More

Colin More - 284 votes

GSA Vice-President Labour - Elected Candidate: Simarjit Bal (Monty)

Simarjit Bal - 276 votes

GSA Vice-President Student Services - Elected Candidate: Megha Bajaj

Megha Bajaj - 300 votes

GSA Councillors-at-Large - Elected Candidates (10 Positions):

  • Qendresa Beka
  • Risha Dutt
  • Sandra Gawad Gad
  • Md. Mohib-Ul-Haque Khan
  • Jude Kong
  • Owuraku Kusi-Ampofo
  • Kangyi Lou
  • Saeed El Khair Nusri
  • Shahriar Rozen
  • Harsh Thaker

If you have any questions, please contact the GSA Chief Returning Officer at: gsa.elections@ualberta.ca