2015 GSA General Election

Following the release of the provisional results on March 5, 2015, on March 6, 2015, the GSA CRO officially announced the GSA Directly-Elected Officers for 2015-2016:

GSA President: Colin More

GSA VP Academic: Harsh Thaker

GSA VP External: Alphonse Ndem Ahola

GSA VP Labour: Sarah Ficko

GSA VP Student Services: Alireza Talaei

The following individuals have been elected in the GSA General Election 2015 to serve as GSA Councillors-at-Large for 2015-2016:

Pooran Appadu

Simarjit (Monty) S. Bal

Susan Cake

Hannah Madsen

The total voter turnout was 5.83%, with:

Total Eligible to Vote: 6,925

Total Eligible Ballots Cast: 404

Thank you to all graduate students who participated in and voted in the GSA General Election 2015.

Voting closed at 10:00 AM (MST) on March 5, 2015. The GSA Chief Returning Officer announced the provisional results of the GSA General Election 2015 at 1:45 PM on March 5, 2015. Please note that in accord with GSA Elections Policy Sections 10.7 and 11.1, results become official when any complaints are resolved; there have been no complaints to date.

Please note that "Individuals have twenty-four (24) hours after the release of provisional results to lodge a complaint with the CRO about an alleged breach of GSA Bylaw or Policy." (GSA Policy, Section 10.7)

The provisional results of the GSA General Election 2015 are as follows:

GSA President Elected Candidate: Colin More

Colin More 302
None of the Above 56

GSA VP Academic Elected Candidate: Harsh Thaker

Round 1 Round 2
Harsh Thaker 237 242
Patrick Tomcyzk 93 99
None of the Above 36 -

GSA VP External Elected Candidate: Alphonse Ndem Ahola

Alphonse Ndem Ahola 303
None of the Above 21

GSA VP Labour Elected Candidate: Sarah Ficko

Sarah Ficko 311
None of the Above 46

GSA VP Student Services Elected Candidate: Alireza Talaei

Alireza Talaei 328
None of the Above 46

GSA Councillor-at-Large Elected Candidates: Pooran Appadu, Simrajit (Monty) S. Bal, Susan Cake, and Hannah Madsen

Pooran Appadu 96
Simarjit (Monty) S. Bal 53
Susan Cake 47
Hannah Madsen 47
None of the Above 27
Brent Kelly 24
Carlos Venegas 21
Grant Norman 13
Sarang Gumfekar 10
Jude Dzevela Kong 8

Please note: "… in the case where None of the Above has received more votes than other candidates, ... only those candidates receiving more votes than None of the Above shall be considered the successful candidates. "
(GSA Policy, Elections, Section 10.6).

If you have any questions, please contact the GSA Chief Returning Officer at: gsa.elections@ualberta.ca