GSA President's Message and Annual Report

See the first GSA Annual Report and a special message from the GSA President, Fahed Elian!

29 April 2020

Dear Fellow GSA Members,

As the end of our terms in office as your President and Vice-Presidents fast approaches, my team and I are excited to share with you the first ever GSA annual report. While this has been a uniquely challenging year, especially so currently, we have successfully advocated for you on a number of key issues (such as improvements to student-supervisory relationships and the creation of a Charter of Student Rights, among others) and have worked hard to continue to provide the GSA services and supports on which many of you rely. Accompanying this report is a video message that I have made.

I hope you will read and share this report and video, and learn more about the work that we do on your behalf - it has been our great pleasure to serve you over this past year.

Fahed Elian, GSA President 2019-2020