Advocacy Update: Proposed Exceptional Tuition Increases

27 July 2021

The GSA has been informed that the Ministry of Advanced Education has requested that the University engage in more consultation with students in relation to proposals it submitted to the Ministry to substantially increase tuition for incoming students in a number of programs, including four graduate programs in Counselling Psychology, Business, and Engineering.

The news came after significant outcry from students concerning a lack of fulsome consultation with students (a prerequisite for the University when requesting exceptional tuition increases), including a petition launched by the Students' Union and--on the part of the GSA--a series of meetings between the GSA executives and the Ministry of Advanced Education and a letter which urged Minister Demetrios Nicolaides to direct the University to better consult with students and take their feedback into consideration in the development of the proposed increases.

The GSA thanks Minister Nicolaides for his decision to place value on the necessity of consultation in this instance.